People’s Architecture

HSIEH Ying-Chun and Atelier-3 Touring Workshop and Exhibition 謝英俊建築師與第三建築工作室

Architect HSIEH Ying-Chun has conducted many post-disaster reconstructions in Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia in the past 16 years. Facing the different and difficult social, geographic and climatic condition of each project, Hsieh has initiated three key principles for commencing his work:

1) Collaborative construction – survivors should rebuild their own houses with limited intervention of professionalists;

2) Adoptable and affordable technology
– applying easy assembly reinforced light-gauge steel system with nuts and bolts; and

3) Open system
– steel system easily commenced with different kinds of membranes and functions of each house.

Ostrava, Czech Republic

January 9- February 2, 2018

✮ Exhibition Opening:
January 9, 2018. 6pm

INDUSTRIAL GALLERY, Kabinet architektury

Zahradní 10,
70200 Ostrava, Czech Republic